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This is a fun little game. I saw you say elsewhere that you want to polish it up and release it. With that in mind, I have some feedback:

  • The shapes come at you at different angles, and you snap to their angle. It might look nicer if you tween the rotation
  • Sound effects, of course, would be nice
  • I felt like I was trying to constantly remember which shape was next. Maybe with more time that'd come more naturally to me, or maybe you want to add to the UI that'd tell me what's next (like a mini me inside of me, but with my next shape instead of my current shape).

Great work!

Thanks! :D

  • Yup, I for sure will add that, I really wanted to add that to this version but I couldn't get around to it
  • Haha yes, of course :P
  • Ok, yeah, apparently a lot of people have been having problems with that. I actually really like your idea for that, and I'll make sure to try it out, thanks!

Thank you so much for your feedback, it is very appreciated!