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Just finished watching your video. I'm both very happy and very embarrassed. I actually aimed to make the demo easy enough that anyone can pass it. Looks like your video, along with other playtesters feedback, proved me wrong as you seemed to struggle with the platforming and the controls. I thought the tip-toe button would remedy that but looks like you didn't even know what it did.

Well, as embarrassed as I am, this was really helpful to me and I am very thankful for the video. Perhaps I should have mentioned that this is a playtest demo made specifically for playtesters and a more public release is going to be made after the feedback of the playtesters. Regardless, I'll take all the feedback your video provides and improve the game until that version comes.

Thanks once again. With the video, I can pay you $15 so provide me with an e-mail associated with your PayPal account.

The email address is

The platforming in the game is only difficult in that one spot in the beginning of the game. Also the window for the game is kind of too big from the top and down perspective making the text be covered by task bar on the computer and harder to read. I don't know if it was only me or if that only happens because I use a PC but it's just something I wanted to bring up. That was the first time my brother ever played the game so that was his first try of the game.

If there is anything you want from us just ask.

Money has been sent.

I think I got all the info I needed from the video so it's all good. Just give a like to the FaceBook to keep a check on the game's progress. Thanks once again.

I got the money.

Awesome. Enjoy.