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So to answer your question, the author has to go on Twitter to talk to you over there?

Just download the game and play it already, it's free right now :)


No, it's called I don't talk via comments, so I'll say the same thing to you.


Then don't ask questions via comments either. Just play the game and enjoy!



My question was answered by the way. No need to be a smartass & uh yeah I know the game is free. Like I said, you'll have to talk to me on Twitter, cuz I'm not sitting here & refreshing my webpage every second to see if anyone bothers to reply to any of my comments.


Apparently you are.


Says the one that replied. The person that made the game answered my question about what the game was about, so I'll say thank him if he's reading this reply of mine. As for you @amedeus8, please go stir up trouble with someone else on here if that's all you have to do with your life. Goodbye. 👋🏻😂🤣


Id like to participate in this discussion but sorry I dont talk via comments or twitter. Hit me up on AIM chat to get my insightful opinion.


Troll alert.


I would also like to add my thoughts, but unfortunately I don't communicate through comments, twitter, or AIM. Please write me a letter and send it to my place of residence.

Deleted 10 days ago

To avoid getting so many downvotes in the future, here are some tips for interacting with people online:

1. sends you an email notification whenever you receive a reply. This will prevent you from needing to "refresh the webpage every second."

2. Asking someone (that you don't know) to talk to you on another platform is incredibly fishy. Oftentimes, when somebody asks for this, they are setting up for a scam. It's obvious from your follow-up responses that you don't intend to do this, but it's important to know why this happened so that you can learn from your mistakes.


People on sites are just trolls that I don't care about. I didn't do anything wrong so, I'm not sure why you left the comment @SnowLeopardShark. Downvote me all you like, if you people have nothing better to do. I honestly don't care if people like or dislike my comments. I'm not here to please people, just here to play some games.

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Here's the thing: "People on sites" are not "all trolls." You may have had a negative experience with someone online before, but it is that (incorrect) assumption that set the negative tone for your discussion here. You need to realize that there are real people on the other sides of conversations that you engage in online, and that caring about them is the only way to have positive interactions with them.

You did do something wrong. A lot of things, actually. I'm leaving these comments hoping that you can learn from your mistakes and improve in the future, not because I'm a "troll." I just hate seeing people flounder in social situations because they lack empathy.


Ok, please bother someone else. Thanks.


You do realize that this is exactly the sort of behavior I was talking about, right?



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Well, you do pleased me by sending these stupid disrespectful comments to other people. Your actions really made me laugh. Thanks for brighten my day.(^▽^)