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i got that error :/

An error occured while launching Bevontule

Its last words were: spawn UNKNOWN

Hi ahmed, sorry you're having problems. I have not personally seen that error myself and I think the only way we can figure out what is happening is if you provide us the log file. Here is how to access it:

1.) Press (WINDOWS KEY + R) or alternatively, click on the windows icon at the bottom left of the screen and type "Run" (without the quotes), then press ENTER.

2.) Enter this into the prompt (without the quotes):

3.) Once that opens up the folder, you can select the output_log.txt file and open it up. Please send this file to our support email address at admin@mtgamestudio.com and we can take a look at it to see what might be causing your problem.

Let me know if you have any problems with this process! Thanks!

Thank you very much for your response :) i'll send it and i hope to play this awesome looking game soon :)

Hey Ahmed, it looks like the logfile you sent us is possibly for a different game/application. This could be my mistake for providing you the 'path' to type into your prompt, which may not work, for whatever reason, on all setups. Please try to send the file again--assuming Bevontule installed correctly, the file we need should be located in a folder where the actual path looks like this:


That output_log file should be more than 1KB in length as well.

Additionally, you can always try right-clicking on the .exe and selecting "Run as administrator", but I'm not sure if this will help the problem.

Sorry you're having problems running it--we'll figure out what the problem is as soon as we can!

Well, Horraaay ^_^ it worked using "Run as administrator" THANK YOU and i tried for a couple of minutes looks very promising indeed (Y)
i think i'll recored a gameplay and put it on my channel xD

thank you :)

Awesome, glad to hear that it worked! I hope you enjoy it and I'd be thrilled if you wanted to record a gameplay video of it.
I do want to mention that it is actually several months old and as such, we've even made a HUGE number of improvements since then!

Feel free to have a look at our different social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) if you want to follow our development! Take care.


the game says it wont work when i try to launch it off the app