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* I felt like I was smashing combinations together until I got something. I didn't feel much impetus to make shorter paths, and I couldn't think of much else I could do to "beat" each puzzle in a way that would make me feel clever. the puzzle just isn't a good core loop, although maybe it's a solid minigame ala the pipe puzzle in bioshock.

Sorry for the lack of real feedback, this sort of thing just isn't my bag (baby)

Thanks for the feedback. The video helped me understand something I didn't plan on, that some people were starting at the end and working backwards to the start. I hear what you're saying about smashing random combinations rather than picking out clever moves. I'm going to experiment with a smaller board, but do you have any suggestions for how to make it feel more important to find shorter paths? Limited number of rotations maybe, but that feels like a cheap and arbitrary constraint.