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I randomly stumbled upon this little engine and I have to say I'm loving it!

Just going to weigh in my opinions real quick:

  • The ability to apply wall settings to all rooms at once is really nice, but is it possible to have tiles maintain their wall status when creating a new room? With a lot of tiles, it gets a little annoying to go through them all and add wall settings to each whenever I make a new room.
  • Is it possible that we could get a downloadable version of Bitsy? I lose access to wifi quite a bit and it would be nice to take the engine on the go.
  • It would be really cool to see rpg mechanics implemented in this. You could add a lot more depth to Bitsy games if you create a way to create enemies and pickups. Maybe even a classic roguelike inventory system?
  • When using Bitsy, I saved and ran my game and it deleted half my room and my avatar. The engine also prevented me from editing the room after. Here's the html file:
  • I would recommend maybe renaming Bitsy to "Bitsy Engine" or just "Bitsy". "Bitsy Game Maker" sounds a little weird to me. (just my opinion though. :/ )
Anyways awesome job! Thanks for the fun little engine!
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Hi Yukon! Glad you're enjoying the engine. :) I'm adding your notes to my backlog.

Some thoughts:

  • A downloadable version of Bitsy is a good idea, and sounds doable with something like electron ( I'll look into it!
  • Can you elaborate more on what your goals are with RPG mechanics? What do you imagine it would look like in the editor? You're not the only person to ask for something like this, so it's something I'm thinking about, but I'm wary about overspecializing the engine in a way that would make Bitsy harder to use for creators who don't want to make something in that genre. That said, it seems like there's a need for some more interactivity, so I'm curious to learn what people want. Hopefully I can come up with something flexible, but not too complicated.
  • Sorry about the broken file! I'll take a look and see if I can fix it. I've seen a few of these lately, and I'm trying to figure out what causes it.. (edit: I've posted the fixed game data below)
  • As for naming, I did consider both of your suggestions (edit: I mean that these were both on my list of ideas when first deciding what to post on, but "Engine" sounds too intimidating to me, and just "Bitsy" might not be clear if you don't already know what it is. "Bitsy Game Maker" might be a bit awkward, but it's clear at least. I am open to more ideas on this though.

Thanks again for the feedback, it's really helpful! Feel free to add more whenever you think of something.

Hey Adam!

Sorry for not responding super quick, life's been busy... :/

Also thanks for the speedy fix! I'm planning on cranking out something soon.

For the RPG mechanics, I was thinking a rogue-like experience. For example, I was thinking mechanics that are similar to this game's mechanics. With the editor, you might have to add a window for item management, where you could turn the inventory on or off and make items. Items could have different properties like if you can wear it or eat it or use it as a weapon, and each could have stat changes that go along with it. Also, for enemies, there could simply be a checkbox which will set it to be an enemy or not. This could add new options like health, behaviors, item drops, etc.

That's all I can think of right now for the mechanics, sorry my brain is kinda fried...


Hi again, Yukon,

I fixed your game data! :) You can paste from here ( into the game data panel in Bitsy to restore your game.

Also, if you run into this problem again, one way you can try to fix it is by refreshing the page you have Bitsy opened in. Bitsy saves your game automatically, and it will try to recover from any messed up data when you reload the page!

I'm still trying to figure out the root source of this bug though..