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Good news! 32-BIT is released!

when am waiting to your game am so boring playing some any game than when you said 32-bit released am not boring anymore am happy and awsome gameplay you upload thank you bro i hope many people like your game but am going to facebook so i share to my friends thank you koekske!!!(:

Thanks, we appreciate it but we have alot of stuff to fix

koekske the 32-bit game was not working i think it lost data its said data folder not found


We gonna fix it!


oh that 32-bit dont need to work for that its work now but am talking to offline not working if i load not really loaded for offline help dude i dont want to online in your game i want this be a offline.

hi koekske why the game have not offline where is the offline if i load for offline it diconnect and i cant play offline this game is online