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Great find. I wasn’t aware of any bugs. I’ll fix this for the physical release and do an update version.

I've fixed this bug by the way. I'd incorrectly assumed the maximum number of items which could fall in any one turn was 7. That layout has allowed you to drop 8 items so it overflowed the memory I'd allocated. You could actually build a situation in the level editor to drop 13 items at once I now realise.

I loved this game, I bought it yesterday and finished it today.  Please make more games!  But...  it still has the level 88 bug in it.  Also, I was wondering if we could get the TAP file in the digital download too?  It would be nice!

Finished in a day? Wow!

Sorry about the bug, it is fixed in the deluxe version. I’ll release a new build on here this week.

 By tap do you mean toy want the loading screen and tunes etc.? I don’t really have access to those assets, they’re the publishers.


Yes, I did the first 80 levels in the first night, then did the last 20 the next day!

Great news to hear that the bug is being fixed.  Yes, I meant the full tape-loading experience.  It's a shame to miss it, but I understand.

Wow, impressive. You clearly have a knack for the game!