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Hi I'm Korean student who wants to make RPG Game and have some questions

The question is.. does this program support Korean by fixing the program?

I tried Demo version but, didn't support

Also I tried other textbox engines(not this program), but it's hard to use or does not print word well

for example (Korean words' system is kinda complicated...)

(this example, what happens when I use korean in the other engine)

I want to print text such as " Hi, this is cool textbox engine" so when I type into the textbox, textbox prints "H , th s s cool textbox eng ne" (sorry for lack of explanation)

so what I want to know is.. if I add font that supports Korean, does it work well?

well.. I want to make sure before buy this program

For this program I've used Game Maker's default text features which I don't believe support any sort of foreign languages. If your messages don't display well in the demo, they probably wouldn't work in the full version. Sorry!!