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It turns out Laura already reported the most noticeable issues I noticed, but here are a few other minor ones I came across:

  • When you duplicate an animated element, it only includes the first frame
  • When you turn off the animation on an element, it deletes the second frame instead of simply not using it (I had to redo sprites a couple times after testing how they looked without animation)
  • When you open the editor, exits are visible but the exit window is not
  • Being able to edit room names would make connecting the exits and dealing with almost identical rooms a lot easier
  • The text editor would be a lot easier to work with if it was a textarea instead of a single line text input
    • possibly a side effect of the same point, currently the only way of adding line breaks is to fill the rest of a line with spaces
  • The pixel and tile grid overlays are white, which makes it harder to work with white as one of your colors. Ideally there'd be a couple fallback greys to keep it distinct from any of the users colors.

hi Sean! thanks for taking them time to write these up - I'll add them to my backlog :)