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A few new usability things:

  • When you are editing the text of a sprite, you must click outside the box on a blank background before clicking on a new sprite. If you click directly on a new sprite in the sprite selector strip, it will erase your writing and return the dialog attached to that sprite to what it was before you started editing it. I've lost a lot of dialog this way!
  • If you move from one room to the next with a tile selected in the tile/sprite viewer panel, the checkbox for "is this a wall" will remain in the status it was for that tile's version in the previous room. So if you create room0 and room1, create a wall tile in room0, and navigate to room1, it will still show that tile as a wall until you click on a new tile in the palette strip, then click back to the first one. It won't update automatically, basically. Can get confusing, particularly if you're working with duplicated rooms, duplicate tiles where one has to be a wall and one has to be not-a-wall, etc.

thanks for these! keep 'em coming

How about, if you switch on tile animation, the image is duplicated, so you can just slightly edit it?