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Hi Nismo Ny,

Tried your demo at your behest. It's very colorful and pleasant!

But the actual locomotion mechanics range from good to not so good.

The good is jogging movement is quite convincing. My locomotion is smoother in that the peaks and trough of speed aren't as extreme, but there's a niceness to the more direct motion from jogging.

Transition between speeds is quite good as well; I've tried a number of other walking in place solutions and many of them have been quite jerky between walking/jogging transitions.

Walking speed feels a bit too slow however.

Jumping is very spotty. I managed to jump twice in the demo, but I physically jumped around 10-20 times, so the height detection algorithm seems a bit off. Or maybe it calibrated funny (although it shouldn't have as far as I can tell).

As a result, I couldn't get past the twin pipe obstacles and left it there.

Perhaps have jumping on a button as an option - even if its likely to induce motion sickness, it's at least a work around for those that can't jump or can't get it working right.

Also, direction of motion gets wonky when you turn around as forward motion now becomes backwards motion.

I get that having it independent of head motion allows you to look around without causing motion in that direction... but without motion controller/touch support, it's the only real solution for a robust movement system... because I can't see walking in place becoming a widely accepted solution if it needs to be limited to tracks like this one (i.e. your solution works fine within the context of what you've presented, but you might need to consider how it can work more broadly).

It's a pretty cool demo - but to really take advantage of VR, needs to have motion controller support (if only to use it as the forward vector that's independent of head motion), and it should be... less track focused and allow for broader more interesting exploration.

Good luck with it!

Thanks very much for trying it out.

When I saw your statement about Jumping I instantly thought one thing that you most likely didn't do.
Did you stand straight and press the ResetVR button? It's very important because using an Oculus is very different to using a Vive with Room Scale. You see the Oculus does not know how tall you are, I made it so that your standing height is the zero center at calibration.

The reason I'm saying this is because I set the jumping threshold to 10cm Lower than standing height, meaning you can jump without even going higher than your natural standing height, so it's confusing that you had trouble with that, please check out my YouTube video as that will show how it worked for me, if you did Reset it right then it might be your jumping velocity, I did make it slightly vigorous on purpose to increase the need for the player to be a little more active.

Also, there is a jump button to hold to activate jumping :P again I forgot to mention the controls in a proper readme, I'll update the instructions on this page so it's easier to play!

The rotational problem is explained in the numerous demo videos I've made on my YouTube channel, you see the reason I don't have a Vive is simply Money :P
I was going to use hand controllers and still have rotation completely independent of Head rotation, I have many crazy methods for these things lol!
There's a turn button on the controller, you press it to do a 180degree turn, this is specific to this game only, the Halo demo that I made used my original method, which is basically a standard FPS gameplay but only the furthest end of the analogue stick activates turning, please do check out my earlier videos on the subject, you'll truly understand what I mean as I also explain it while I move about looking funny.

This is actually a severely limited version of what I've made on purpose, I didn't want people playing the bad side of what I've made due to the lack of Hand Controller limitation.

Either way the main purpose of my system is not to reduce motion sickness, that's a side effect, I wanted to make something where you feel like you're playing the game not just teleporting around, which is why I can understand a lot of it feels a bit different to what you expect, I can see your system is mainly intended to reduce motion sickness, especially looking at your alternate modes. I personally don't really like the teleportation in VR games, it really does ruin potentially awesome games, hence why I'm building this.

Also I do worry that you feel the walking is slow... I actually have a rolling max speed that changes depending on whether you're walking or running, I found that I like the idea of walking naturally and slowly around more cramped spaces, this is not really right for this game in particular but I don't want the system to fling you forward when you want to creep or sneak around slowly.

Unfortunately this is pretty much the only feedback I've had on how well this works yet, even though this demo was intended for that reason, to gain feedback on what needs to change!

The real issue for all of this is quite simply the lack of Foot Tracking (again I mentioned in a previous video) if the VR tech developers had as much passion for actual VR as me and you we'd already have all the tech we need, but unfortunately that simply is not the case.

Oh one more question, what's the framerate you're running at?
I never really tested this at low framerates because I wouldn't expect anyone with a good headset to have a GPU worse than mine.

A big Thanks for taking the time to try out my system, hopefully we can get both of them to become popular enough that we can get games that feel more fun beyond the standard VR play area!

These videos really explain the system more:

Those truly explain the system and the reasons why there are bits that are lacking.
And of course this last one just for fun you might enjoy :P

I was running it on a 980 Ti, so it was running at a stable 90 fps.

I'll give the jumping stuff another shot, but currently not in the position to as it's in the middle of the night :P

There may be a possibility that my calculation isn't correctly using deltaTime, I may have multiplied instead of dividing.
So while I run VR at 75 as I have an Oculus DK2 the game may be running incorrectly at 90.

Please do let me know if it doesn't seem to match what I'm doing in the video, I'll have a look over that stuff again!

Thanks much