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If I was to make two requests, if it isn't possible that is okay.

1: Could we have an eye color option?

2: When its over and asks if we've spoken to her enough and we get the option to do it again; could it reset to before she goes to the table? Then we could take her from the front and afterward take her from behind. ;)

I love the game and especially the character design. The way they move is really natural and fluid. And I love their feet. Not sure why. Just, they're like really cute little hooves. Love it.

At this point, the game is wrapped up. I should be able to post the final build here along with Mac and Linux versions withing the next few weeks :)

Because I'm finished with this project, I won't be able to make anymore changes but I'll keep your suggestions in mind when I start working on my next game! But just so you know, we will have options to change eye and lip color in that game as well as a bunch of other modifications to your character's body :)

I'm happy to hear you like the game! Your appreciation makes it all the more worthwhile for me to spend the extra time on animation and other aspects of the game.