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Thanks for the review. Your feedback will certainly help me in making this the best game possible.

The review itself is adequate enough but not enough for the full payment. if you could go more into detail about the music, the battle system, and if you had any difficulties at any time, then I could pay the full $10.

The music only plays inside of the dungeons instead of throughout the game creating gaps of silence between the areas making the walk from to dungeon to another too quiet. The battle system is unique by making the player's body their health bar and seeing it disappear when damaged. Each enemy has it's own way of attacking making the player have to actually face a new enemy that can attack in a simple way like the angry faces or in more annoying ways like the enemy that goes after you in the battle. This makes meeting a new enemy actually new and not just a different asset with the same attack. The actual battle system is interesting allowing you to float in all directions to avoid the enemies attacks and having to keep the cursor over your enemy to defeat them is fun. Keeping the cursor over the enemy could be easy when the enemy barely moves but it when they can teleport, move around quickly or run straight towards you it becomes somewhat challenging making the battle an actual battle. A difficulty I had was the momentum build up you need for certain jumps. It is easy most of the time to jump over gaps and to other platforms but some times you just have to try multiple times and get lucky to get to the other platform. The choose your own controls in the beginning of the game is helpful letting players decide their own controls for the game but if you don't know what your doing you could get a pretty messed up control scheme that makes you have to create a new game and try again. This isn't really a problem but it can cause problems for players that just start pushing buttons and end up with just a messes up control scheme. If you want anymore information you could just ask, I have a YouTube channel so if you want a video for your game I would be happy to make one, and still for an early build it seems pretty well done.

Fantastic. This is a great addition to the review. I thank you for the feedback and the time you put into making it.

I'll consider putting an option to change the buttons whenever the player wants. As for the silence, was it literal silence? I didn't put music but did add atmospheric sounds in the background.

As for your offer, if you could be so kind, I would appreciate a video. That would provide me with a better view of how a player may play the game. If you provide a video, I'll pay $15.