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Hello, I really love this game and it's nice to play it again after so long!
Unfortunately I'm encountaring an issue where the water does not seem to load properly, this happens in hillscape as well. A friend says their water is fine, so I'm not sure what to do here, or if anything can be done in the first place. 

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Try these:
- Update your graphics drivers. 

- If Updating didn't work, try a clean reinstall of the drivers.
Deinstall. Reboot. Disable Antivirus (if used). Install. Reboot. Enable Antivirus (if used)

- Make double sure the game runs on the correct core (if multiple cards are used)

- Never *ever* run it from the zip; always extract first and run from folder

- Maybe the files got damaged somehow. 
Re-download with disabled antivirus.