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I just played some rounds tonight, the game overall feels more advanced. I like the placement of the new enemies, as well as I could not here any sound when I disabled the sounds in the menu ;)

There was one tiny bug with an enemy (the long jumping guy, who fires 3 shots and jumps again) within a room were you enter from the upper right corner on a ladder and leave the room on the left with a ladder again. Maybe (just as a debug / beta test option) you could show a room number / name for each room so we easily tell where we found something strange / weird,.. same for the enemies :D

those jumping dudes are the worst and they keep breaking in new fascinating ways. Today I had one first jump twice in the same direction (which should not be possible) and then he clipped through the floor or something(which is even more impossible).

I need to re-do them or something, because this is getting ridiculous.