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oh wow.. yes now i see somebody asking for a save feature... so listen up dude or dudette. in my opinion nobody will give you contribution unless you add a save feature to your game. i only tip game developers after i have played the game and find i enjoy it greatly.

for example i order a meal at your hypothetical resturaunt, i ask for a to go box. you say TIP ME, then i will give you a to go box. otherwise you can just carry your food out in your hands! :D you wont see a dime from me or more than ten minutes of playtime without a save feature.

thanks, i tried to be nice XD.

in fact i just started it up and i will be deleting the game now until u add a save feature. i wont even play. soooo many other free games on the market likeSOOO MANY. hey have you guys tried raft. hint hint