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Enjoyed playing the heck out of the demo (even if I could never score a perfect rank on any of the levels, drat!)

To offer some suggestions:

-Could you encourage players to vary their tactics so that repeating the same attack over and over will build up your ranking less and less? I've seen a YT video of someone scoring a P rank on every level by using mostly the shotguns grenade launcher altfire, which is kinda boring to watch.

-I personally have trouble trying to use both the crouch sliding and boost moves in tandem, although maybe I need to set up a better keyboard layout. Still, I was wondering if you could allow players to boost by double tapping the movement keys and/or key both boosting and sliding to the same key (Tap to boost and hold to slide). I'm sure not everyone will like this idea so perhaps, at least, make these optional in the controls menu.

-Will an arena-style survival mode a la Bloody Palace be in the works for this game? This kind of game seems to beg for one.