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absolutely, just isn't doing it. I couldn't tell you why, but I was definitely sad about it : /

I'm sorry about that! I'm not able to recreate this issue on my end so there's no way for me to troubleshoot it. All I can do is offer some advice off the top of my head:

It could be an issue with special mouse drivers that come with some gaming mice or laptop track-pads. If you are using any kind of key binding and remapping software, that might get in the way too. If the inputs in the Unity player were modified, that would cause the game to act funny so re-downloading and using a fresh version will fix that. And be sure you are using the proper version for your system. If you have a 32 or 86 bit system, you should be using the (x86) version.

Hopefully some of that helps, if not than I'll just keep an eye out for similar cases and go from there. I'll also look into modifying the camera control script to use other inputs for rotation for the final version of the game.