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So I played Errant Kingdom for the first time yesterday and today. 

I think it's actually interesting to be honest, the undisguised (or at least poorly hidden) caution towards the Ambassador as opposed to the Knight and Nomad.  It's only the prologue of course so I could be wrong, but I think I'm getting a clear view on who would like revolution and chaos, change, for the kingdom, and who wants better for the people; and the people who kind of just watch from the sidelines, perpetually amused, waiting for the dust to settle. 

This game definitely has potential for lots of replayability. I went for the safe route, advocating for people to get along but the idea of spreading anarchy and being generally evil, could also be an interesting thing, too. 

10/10 would recommend. 


Thank you for playing! The three routes are all very different to begin with when it comes to where their loyalties lie, but the potential for you to change that and craft their path is something we're really excited to play with x