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hiya so i played your game and had a blast playing it. to start off i think what really got me was the silence of the house as we enter it and we were left in, the now and then loud thunder sounds really helped the environment get spookier. i felt like something was gonna pop up at any moment. the transition to the "dream" world (if its okay to call it that) was expected but still had that unsettling feeling i got as i entered the house the first time. as i looked at the dream world environment i felt like i was going to deal with some spooky stuff but there was but a simple tease of what were gonna get after "waking up" idk if after "waking up" if we were still dreaming or not. that is something i really liked cause you cant tell if you still dreaming or awake after encountering that thing after "waking up". the game was really fun, cant wait to see what chapter two has in store. keep up the great work amigos.i made a small playthrough if anyone wants to check it out :D