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I love what you've done so far keep up the good work. If I may make a suggestion or two, how about adding a futanari option to the game or even your future games. Being a school for magic, it wouldn't be too out there to see something like that. Furthermore the ghost could give her handjobs, blowjobs or even be screwed by her. Just to be on the same page I'm talking chicks with a penis but also has a vagina and not a straight up balls and penis only type deal. Yes its a bit out there and I'll likely get shade thrown on me for the suggestion but I rather take the jeers with the chance it may end up being an idea your into, then staying quiet and maybe miss out on something that could have been.

I'm always glad to hear suggestions so fear not! It's too late for this game but I already have plans for stuff like that in my next game :) I'll get started on that once Poke Abby is complete so keep an eye out on my tumblr for updates!

Glad to hear that. I'll keep an ear to the ground for your next game. Thanks for the consideration.