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Hey i was wondering if you have a option to change your outfit if you don't donate. because i have that choice and i didn't donate. I just want to also say this is a really good game. Its fun and awesome. But i want to know some stuff.

  1. Are you going to add cars? because its really anoying on having to run everywhere.
  2. Are you going t add more guns?
  3. Everytime i want to join a game it doesnt let me unless there is only eight people in the sever.
  4. Are you going to add more servers?
  5. Are you going to add different types of building stuff.
  6. are you going to make it so that we can break into other players bases?
  7. Are you going to add voice speak in the game?
  8. Are you going to make the spawns random? Because i hate when i have to run all the way from the other side of the map to the town.
  9. And finally are you going to make it that when we leave the sever and come back on will spawn in the same place?

So right now i will give this game a five out of five. I just cant wait for what the future of this game holds.


About the outfit. You get the option to choose it in the game, but your choice won't be saved and not used when you join a server. It only saves your choice if you're a donator.

Now about your list of questions:

  1. In the current client/server solution this will not be possible, so for the alpha the answer is no. But who knows that the future will bring.
  2. No. This is not a deathmatch game. The emphasis is on survival. So you'll have to make due with a firearm, crossbow or melee weapon.
  3. When you join an empty server, a lot of extra tasks are performed by your computer before the game can start. This can take a while depending on how beefy your PC is. If your PC isn't powerful enough, you're better of joining a populated server.
  4. Why?
  5. Yes.
  6. Not likely.
  7. Working on that.
  8. Spawns are random (about 6 to 8 fixed positions, but still chosen randomly)
  9. It already does this. Unless you die, or you ALT+F4 out of the game. Please note that the position etc is saved PER SERVER. So if you leave EU1 and then join US2 you won't spawn on the same spot as where you left on EU1.
Thank you for your kind words!

Ok thanks you for answering those questions.I appreciate it alot.

  1. Sorry, I ment on 3 everytime i leave and come back to the SAME server i lose all my stuff and were i was.
  2. Number 4 i was just wondering about.

That you so much for the awesome game you have made and shared to the public for free. I can't wait to see what you do in the future with this game because it is one of the best games i ever played.


  1. Are you exiting the game normally? Pressing Escape and chosing Exit to Server Browser?
  2. Ok :)


Hi Mr Chaozz ,

On server EU2 exist a player verry toxic, name Legal , this player kill all player on days and night, i think a illegal process or cheater.

Can you making a action on server EU2 ? , thank you.

This is a PvP game, so killing is allowed. If you feel this player is cheating, please report it on the forums so the administrators can investigate your claim. https://survius.com/forums