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The game looks pretty good, but there's a few things missing. Now I know this is an early access build so I'm not blaming the developer, but if you want to play a fully polished pirate survival game, this is not your game YET. Although, if the developer adds a backpack and a starting tool, like an axe of some sort, it will do wonders to the game. Nonetheless, the game looks good, love the visual effects and it's playable. Bit buggy but will report these to the developer (if I can contact him somehow). Here's the thing I'd love to see, is some voice acting. It'll improve the feeling to the game so much! I'm willing to help if there's help needed with the voice acting and this project entirely!


One more negative thing. The mouse icon stays visible during the gameplay, and what's most annoying is me having 2 monitors. Is there a way to hide it myself?

Thanks Satyric Abyss. The idea of the game is a little different than one would expect in that the player will (eventually) have various animal interactions, some positive, some negative which will lead to clues/visions on how to escape. We don't kill things in the game (at least not yet). Crafting may be an option but I don't consider dialogue at the moment since the player won't meet other people yet will interact with many characters. Thanks for your offer. You can always contact developer here: https://mafutagames.wordpress.com/contact/

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Thanks for your observation about the mouse pointer. It will not be in final. Also the top down camera has been replaced with a compass in the next version. We are just testing various things for alpha. Final will be much more polished. Check back soon and thanks for your input. All suggestions are appreciated. The compass can be hidden or shown with 'C' in next version (1.11.9)

Mouse Cursor can be hidden or shown by using the Escape key for (Windows/Linux) in version 1.11.9. Not supported on Mac yet but will investigate if there is a workaround. Version 1.11.9 will be uploaded soon.