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hi, again!

Thanks for the feedback.
I want to reflect them as much as possible.
And please understand that many specification changes are difficult.

The arrow marker that looks like a destination will be abolished and replaced with a pin marker.  (It also takes into account the pico8 capacity limit.)
Also, when the player arrives in the area for the first time, the player will be informed by scrolling that the NPC is in the back. It is a plan.
But these may not be the perfect solution either.

The disappeared vegetables may be a "door block flip" or "wind blowing" emit skill.
I want to add GFX to all skills, and I need a description to show what happened. (I posted a temporary skill list on the jam page.)

The concept of time will come out clearly in the next version upgrade. HP decreases gradually in areas other than the large trees, and a certain waiting time is required to eat again with NPC.
At this time, the animation speed has a small effect. Especially when the number of times increases.



You Unearthed another my game!
Thank you!
That's like playing most of the game with a tutorial alone. Congrats!

I wasn't prepared enough to run the game on the itch. (Cross-site scripting makes it difficult.)