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Baldi fan games maker is more better than you

ur mom a cunt..

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My game is more better

try again...IF YOU DARE

ok I'ma Baldi fan games maker and you are

B baldi's-basics-isnotbasic

A - hahahahahahahahaha

L - LOL-ursobad

D - Dont-messwithme

I - iyeeeeeeeeet

2.0 - 2.0 Балди

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123 балди is better idc if baldi not look at u it is early and russed

thats me!

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Fuck off

N e v e r 

O k

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Oh shush

... I more better 

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I’m 44 she’s dead in the tarwill and my siblings I was the only one survived in my tarwill I will be 45 soon on 29th February 

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Нет, я, Балди, фанат игр и создатель idc