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Why are you asking for donations?

I never asked for donations, from the last episode, i put the game for free.

It was the lunar sales, i removed it immediately.

keep calm man, stay for sure that i will never gain a penny again with this game.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude or anything.

Anyway, I like the theme you got here. It's not just "hey, I'm posting my Mugen collection". Did you make the screenpack?

don't worry, 

however yes, i made the screenpack by  starting from one already made, changing it from the fundamental lines until i've completely changed it.

Other stuff instead has been made entirely from zero, like the selection screen, beta testing, chars balancing in health and attack, 

chars positioning in the select.def, general system configuration (options, key binding, game settings, memory management,)

characters reordering based on theme and age of release,  characters conversion to Add004 lifebars, for each every one of them,

every characters fixing in portrait, some buggy sprites fixing, conversion to the correct mugen version and in some of them the setting of correct scaling. Then the order of appearance in arcade mode. some characters from zero and musics and stages assigment to every char and every stage, 

some stages from zero (3 or 4, the evangelion ones and the godzilla one)

and last but not least ; the game site and banners.

that's all what i've made by myself, the rest is by others.