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Well, you can, but why? The lib is at, in the app/data/ct.release folder. The modules are in app/data/ct.libs. But they all are supposed to be used as templates by ct.IDE and you’ll have to find how to define types, rooms and such by yourself.

There is a plan to make an npm module with a standalone exporter, but it will be geared more for CI/CD tasks and probably not what you need.

Anyways, why not using ct with an IDE? It is cross-platform, easy to use and allows you to make great games faster. The editor itself was made because of frustration of working with game frameworks that had no IDEs.

maybe I’m just dumb then. Because I actually prefer using game frameworks where I have some freedom over my editor and such. For instance I love löve because of its freedom.

You’re not dumb >.<’

IDE’s are not always limiting, and not antonyms of freedom. Before making ct.js, I was using Game Maker and Construct 2, and I did hit their limits, so it left a mark on ct.js and my vision of it. Ct.js is pretty modular and allows you to use any js code in case built-in API and modules are not enough.

Anyways, thank you for your opinion, and sorry if I sounded a bit intimidating 🙃