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"ion unnatural" by Vajra Chandrasekera (twitter/website). I must admit I was already a fan of Vajra's work, particularly the short story "On The Origin of Specie" which I 100% recommend you read. It's motivated me to get into writing short stories myself. So I was very happy and surprised when I woke up to see this submission in my notifications, and when I read the summary I became aware of it's significance and importance as the work it is and what it is addressing. "It's Sri Lanka's national day today, which means militarized parades and obscene triumphalism and really, too much endless fuckery to even cite here. I felt the need to write something to spit in it's eye, so I did. This chapbook contains 13 poems written against national day, featuring war & war-machinery, nationalism & ideology, grief & mourning, many ghosts, sex, death, & monkeys." I deeply appreciate this submission and what it discusses. I love the design, I love the readability, I love the fonts, and more than anything with this submission alone I consider this jam a success. A writer I admire got a cathartic opportunity to write poetry as opposed to prose about something substantial. That's all I wanted. Please read this one, it represents what I hope the future of anti-industry poetry promotes and encourages.