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I'm actually very interested in the Woodshraad's story, but I can find nothing on the Woodshraad online. Do you know where I could go to learn more about it? Or is it of your own creation?

Hey 😎, of course there's not much to find, i currently googled for the english definition... The original german word is "WALDSCHRAT"... which i translated into Woodshraad -> because Wald = Woods/Forest,  Shraad = Shadow (old english/angl.) . A "SCHRAT" is a Goblin / Ghost / NatureSpirit, and it took place in some old german sagas and fairytales. According to Wikipedia the english name is "Bugbear" ..  🤔 .. but that doesn't really fit to the original meaning (in my view). .  
The games story about the "woodshraad" is a creation of my own, so there wasn't any story about a lil boy that got rescued by a huge lovely monster tree 😆.
best  regards,