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The MacOSX applications needs to have the executable bit set to be playable.

Unfortunately, I've had little availability to test the MacOSX export. Will do so as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting

Just tested it and it's working fine on my Mac. Can you describe your problem a little more?

When I download the MacOS zipfile and unpack in try to launch the application by rightclicking and choosing open. I get the included popup.

This is because the file "Sealed Bite" in Sealed folder doesn't have the executable bit set.

-rw-rw-r--@ 1 username  841819241  37580572 Nov 29 21:30 Sealed Bite

after setting it with chmod +x it works fine.

I can confirm the issue on macos 10.15.2. After chmod +x the Sealed Bite I could run it.

Extremely amazing game btw! I had lots of frustration and fun :D great ending!

Thanks also for reporting. It is weird as I'm am able to run it without having to change the permissions on my mac. Nevertheless, I am still using Mojave 10.14.6, which may explain the issue.