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This game is pretty good so far, but as a HUGE fan of the first two, I wish the mechanics were the same. I understand the increased difficulty with the new dive but the complete control that you felt over the character in the old games was what made them so fun. The first two games I can honestly say have some of the most fun and addicting platforming mechanics of any game I've ever played, and I think you should stick with those. Don't fix what isn't broken. I would also really love it if you brought back the pause menu. The map and achievements were super helpful in knowing where to go next and whether or not I'd completed everything. Keep up the good work, I love the look of this game so far but am just hoping for a few tweaks to the mechanics to make the game feel just as natural as the original 2 games. Thanks for making these for us lol


Well good news: I changed it back! I don't plan on updating the demo any time soon, but the most recent versions of the game have dive working the way it worked in the previous games. I also plan to have the pause screen with a (hopefully more detailed) map, but we probably won't get to doing that till near the end of development.