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I was so excited to play the demo (Lucien is so up my alley, it's not even funny lol), but I've noticed a few things that have made me hesitant to pay for the full version. I got stuck on Erik's CG reveal at the bar for a good while and had to wait what felt at least a full minute before it let me move on... When it finally did, I accidentally clicked past dialogue that I couldn't go back to read via either scrolling back or the story log (it seems to be broken. I can't move past a certain point and what it does let me read is from the beginning to a point no where near where I actually am in the story). Do all of the CGs have long reveals like this, so I know for the future? Also, are there supposed to be no save slots or an auto text option? Is that normal for the full version as well, or just a quirk of the demo? Looking at the (understandably locked) gallery, I also noticed the few CG previews looked like 2 very different artists were involved, one more cartoonish and the other more realistic. Which artist is more prevalent in the majority of the CGs, or is it balanced? I'm curious why it was done this way. Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you! 

The CG scroll definitely shouldn’t be taking that long and we’ll look into that! The demo also has locked features that are available in the main game like the save/load system, story log etc. 

We have two artists who are both incredible because we are a tiny indie team of 5 and with episodic releases it’s absolutely unrealistic to expect one artist to provide all 12 CGs and sprites (including expressions) for every update. Anna does our promo art, sprites and half of the CGs, and Len writes our Knight route and provides the other 6 CGs. We love showcasing the two different styles, even though they are quite different :) 

Ok, I was hoping that was the case! Thank you ^^