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I don't know what the set numbers are but I was at about 70% studies and Training while fully stretched (21/20 cm) when I got his good ending otherwise just be kind, understanding, protective, loyal, etc... And it is possible to be buy all the requirements, be fully stretched, 100% both grades and get the good ending. You don't need to do any side activities and I don't think you need to work either.

thanks for answering BlueJayBeautie :) much appreciated (and saved me from looking at the code lol) . Next update will have side stuff for studying and Sathanas’ route. Just no idea when I’ll be done it :P

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YW and I understand the whole chaotic life thing... I am excited you are back on the project though. I actually wanted Sathanas route too so I'm glad that one is next. (What can I say I like BIG men and big dicks hopefully he has both for a double whammy of hotness. Not that he needs to be monstrously huge like Lucifer.)