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Thank you for making the game, I did like the game, but I think there is something off with the colliders on the rocks or the rocks aren't placed parallel to each other, might even be different response time for the 2 robots. I could do the exact same motions as before and still get a different result every time, so I think something was off there. I do like hard games, I really do, but I felt like this was a moment that I couldn't control making the game frustrating instead of challenging. I edited out most of those parts because I didn't want the video to turn stale and boring though. I do like the idea of the game and I think you should keep on developing it, because it's a really awesome game once the game feels challenging instead of frustrating!

It's just my take on it though! I might have been too tired to notice I did something wrong while playing and if so, I'm sorry for the rage =).

I hope you enjoyed the video, and thank you for writing back to me!