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Gave it a go, can't really say I had an enjoyable experience. Text moved to fast to completely read what the elves were telling me to do so I just kinda ran around aimlessly. I tried to plug multiple controllers but none of them connected for some reason which left me with mouse and keyboard which was extremely frustraiting because the camera would barely move like it was getting blocked, and since I couldn't tilt the camera I was never able to see where I needed to go until near the end and jump into the sleigh where I proceeded to fall of the edge for eternity. By the time it finally fixed I was already far done with the game from all the contrant frustraitions. I'm sure this game is far more fun with a working controller, and I'm pretty disappointed I couldn't enjoy it because all my controllers refused to work, but I mean, it's a computer game, it should be able to work fine with basic computer controls.

Maybe I might give a try again come Christmas time again, or like a Christmas in July sort of thing.

Here's my video,