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I just dumb some ideas for you

  • let the player decide when he wants to stop selling a hardware (the hardware stop selling before new research was avaiable, so i either wait for new research or produce the same hardware again)
  • when you implement other hardware: get experience for the different hardwaretypes, which reduce development cost/time (specialisation for a hardwaretype)
  • a small notification when new research is avaiable
  • competition
  • different develeopment areas(size and price -> faster development, more staff)
  • staff system (research, production, PR)
  • a small notification during alpha when there is now further research
  • endless research (especially clock speed and core)
  • new core production(automaticly put in the best clock speed

some more things

  • more stats
    • in the history screen: planning cost, total income, selling price, sell period, cores, socket, clock speed,... of the hardware
    • in the mainview a graph of the selling period of a hardware: how it changes over time to see if the market for that hardware is going down (usefull when you can decide for yourself when you want do stop selling it)
i think that's it for now, will wait for the next update.

a yes, i found a bug. i was playing on very hard. i released a cpu and researched the cheaper production. after that i wanted to make a new cpu but had not enough money, so i hit cancel, after that my current selling cpu didn't make anymore profit instead my money went rapidly down in the negative numbers.

Half of the ideas are already implemented in a very basic form to be further expanded on in later updates. The other half that isn't sounds like it's not necessary to have, but would improve the game experience. Thanks for the ideas and the bug report!