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Please fix the download link. This looks like such a gorgeous game and I love the concept and visuals. I really want to try it out and use this game as a creative outlet but I haven't been able to locate the download button.
As a scanned the comment section, I noticed people whohad posted their playthroughs, praise, and/or questions, indicating that it has worked once before.
I'm very confused and haven't seen anything regarding the absence of the link.
I'd love to try out this game myself and send feedback, so I hope this is fixed or addressed.
I wish you the best with developing the game either way :)

Hey Heccity_Hecc! Thanks so much for stopping by -- your kind words on our concept and visuals are much appreciated! 

As we are now going forward with creating a full version of our game, we have needed to take the free demo offline unfortunately. It will have all the elements of the demo and a lot more, so we hope you will stick around to enjoy it when it's ready to go! In the meantime, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam, so you'll be notified when it's up and ready to play. 

Thanks once again! :) 

Oh! Okay, thank you so much for the clarification. I'm happy to know that you are fully dedicated to creating the full version.

I'm excited to see what the full game will have in store for us! I'll make sure to add it to my wishlist

Send my love to your team!