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Very, Very good game. Mythic Manor is one of maybe 5 games on this site that i enjoyed and boy... Could i spend hours upon hours playing. Obviously we all know Naira is the best girl, it's not an opinion, it's a fact x)

The characters are all well made, each character differs from the others in various ways, there are certain events that you can discover if you go to certain areas at a certain time, which is also a very good thing.

If anyone is reading this comment questioning themselves whether if they should play Mythic Manor, then i would say GO FOR IT!

Absolutely try it out, in the worst case scenario this game could not be your type, but it might be. And unless you try it out you'll never know. Maybe you'll end up spending way more time on the game than you initially wanted to (like me)

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your attention, i may have written a little essay for ya but i can't help it, im high as a kite and when i start typing i have a HARD time stopping ;p Have a good one.