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Love the Nights reference! Lots of juicy effects and the homeworld, how it's possible to learn the controls there before the challenge starts. Some things I noticed that might be improved:

  • Dialogue Bug - I landed on a character from the sledge in the first mission and couldn’t close the dialog after that. Also when I quit to the main menu and opened the game, the character was stuck in the dialogue.
  • Fast house exit - it’s a little confusing to have to go back to the chimney, would be nice if it was possible to exit the house any time by holding B or if the levels always loop back to the chimney.
  • Fast level exit - When the player enters the sledge after the time is out, maybe make the sledge automatically move on to the next town. It feels like the sledge need to travel a long way to trigger the exit of the current town.
  • Timer - It's unclear what the timer does, I think I lost once from it. But other times it would end and I could continue and get score and even hit objects that added more time.
  • Dangerous objects - I like the game loop of riding around in the sledge, finding a house, throwing presents around and then going out again. But it feels like the player can be very careless in the houses, so it might be an idea to add dangerous objects. Ex that lock the player for a few seconds and add a time penalty, like in Nights.