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hi just bought the game thanks but having a problem after the VS screen it errors out cant find certain files like background and characters-can you help me out thanks


Initializing select screen...finding characters...
  Error reading character file: chars/blank/blank.def

  Error reading character file: chars/blank/blank.def

  Error reading character file: chars/blank/blank.def

Library error message: Error reading sprite INTRO.sff
Cutscene error reading data/INTRO.def

Error detected.

Error loading storyboard: INTRO.def
BG error reading Stages\abysshi1-1.def

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Try to re-download the game,

because these kinds of errors, are really really bizarre ;

on the 80% of the peoples that played the game, you're the first one that reports a kind of problem like that ; 

i suggest you to do 2 things ; 1) delete completely the game and re extract it from winrar, ensure you that it doesn't give you any kind of error during the extraction of the files

2) if the problem persists, delete the .rar and re download the game and re extract the files.

3) if you're talking about the " eve" mugen, it is not supported anymore, i give support only on the final release of the game, the 2019 one ; the "eve infinity. one"

ensure that you have a clean computer, without messed up OpenGL drivers and video drivers, with enough ram and with windows 10 at least.

IF these errors are given to you randomly, remove the char that gives you the error, opening ; Vselect, searching the char on the left names list of all the included chars in the game, and  pressing with the left mouse button and deleting it. for search quickly the chars names, you can press the initial letter many times until you find  it ; take in mind that some chars are incompatible with other in rare cases ; You can also move the squares maintaining pressed the left mouse button and moving the mouse ; 

Remember that this game is not complete in terms of stability, already the original vanilla start up mugen application from the 1.1 version always had a stability problem that made it crash many times randomly, and  this kind of error was never fixed by Elecbyte, if your game gives to you this error, i suppose that is related to a random crash of the game via chars incompatibilities between other chars that appears in the roster ; for resolve the problem ( only if these crashes are randomly and rarely generateds) take the char that appears in the error message when the game hangs, and replace it with another one, maybe downloaded from internet ; remove it from the roster. Inside Vselect,  For select more chars in one row, take pressed Shift + left mouse button and you'll see that you can select entire rows with 1 click ( click 1 char : maintain shift + left click on other far awat char = you selected an entire row.

REMEMBER : If your errors are quite frequently generateds, is a big extraction problem or messed up files during the download/ extraction from winrar

if your errors are given during the battles, not really frequently ; is more probable that your game is intact, and it's the famous specific char +  another specific char combination that can appear in the battles, that gives you the crash ,for fix that remove the glitched char.

this kind of errors are more frequent in windows 8.