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Any chance this Will be released on Sidequest?

I'm going to release it there once I've fixed up all the problems with this build. If you really want to try it out you can use the apk in downloads section and it'll work just fine. Just drag and drop it on Sidequest and itll load just like a normal sidequest game.


I know how to install. Just wanted to see your cool app on the Sidequest store :)

The dev would probably get a lot more exposure to actual quest users as well, I was digging pretty deep through itch to eventually find this

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I've now submitted the game to SideQuest now that a bunch of the bad bugs are gone, so now you can download it on there and get automatic updates.

EDIT: its on there now and my god I was not expecting that much exposure the popularity of this game just skyrocketed

I knew that this would happen, considering my original reply (: