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Do you have windows, if you do, just press the windows start button, and it'll show you the task bask, hover your mouse over the baldi icon in the taskbar, for a few seconds, and then it'll have a mini screen pop up, then it'll also have an X, at the far right top corner, click that, and eventually the game should close, if it doesn't try clicking it a few times, or hold ctrl+alt+del all at the same time, and it should come up with security options then go down to task manager, wait for it to load up, if it doesn't appear, try going onto the taskbar, click it, and then, wait for it to show you baldi application, click on the icon of baldi, then at the bottom right corner, there's end task, that should shut it down, if it doesn't, then I'm sorry, I don't know how to fix it.

task bask

woops sorry I meant Task bar*