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I tried, they wouldn't let me access the later ranks, will try the new demo and see if it works there, interestingly my key config got reset by the new demo but my save is intact

EDIT: New Mission ranks work now, demo is even better then before

Ok, so now I can only open the Noisicon in battle if I'm Crush'd, why is this?

Thank you for the kind words first of all!

And we're not sure why this bug occurs. We're investigating it as we speak. :)

Its probably something about VOCSet Switch Left is also on L, so the Noisicon only opens when thats disabled by being CRUSH stunned

Oh, that must be it! Otherwise, you can also open it using the Select button! :)

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What Select Button? The only one offered by Key Config is the Select/Down Atk button, and I know I used my physical controller's select button trying to figure out where the Noisicon was keyed until I found it on L still

Also there's a grammatical error in the Replenisher, there's no reason for a comma after Using it