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Awesome. Ya a easy to miss bug, tho the glitchiness I meant earlier is when in windowed mode. everything visual seems to be shifted up one unit so it's a little hard to make connections. might be the start menu bar messing with the dimentions it thinks it's is. Also what iststs you make like like a priority value for inputs or outputs in the right click menu to change the order?

I just saw the windowed mode bug you described. Again, I've never tried running in window mode with the same dimensions as the native resolution, that's why I missed it (I usually run it in window mode, one resolution lower than the desktop resolution; i.e. my desktop is set to 1680x1050 and I run DLS in a 1600x900 window most of the time). Thanks again :)

Don't know if I'll be able to fix this because both window dimensions and cursor position come from GLFW. I'll search for a fix, but I cannot promise anything yet.

Regarding I/O priority/order. That's one of my thoughts. Don't know if I manage to implement it for the upcoming version (0.13) but it'll be done at some point.

Ok I'll do the same with resolutions. Thanks. I'll post any other bugs I find.

Hello again,

The bug related to the new component/package dialogs has been fixed in the latest version (0.13.0) I just uploaded. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to search for a solution to the windowed-mode issue. Hope to fix it some time soon.