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Thanks! I'll look at the crash reports you've submitted and hopefully the bug will be fixed in the next version :)

Regarding I/O pins at the top/bottom of the component. It's in my list of things to implement at some point, but it's low priority at the moment (also, I have to figure out what to do with the name of the component in this case).

Currently I/O pins appear only one the sides of the component (left pins are always inputs and right pins are always outputs). Also, their order is the order you created them in the first place. This is also in my TODO list (being able to change the order of appearance) but I haven't decided what would be the easiest and most intuitive way to implement it (e.g. separate component symbol editor/popup or select I/O index from the port's context menu?).


you mentioned you were thinking of a way to place the name of a component if the pins were out of top or to fix the order. i was thinking, what if you added a button in the component library next to delete where a new window would open and you can edit the apperence of the component (where default would be the current layout and the inside chip would be same, just placement of pins outside would change). in the window you could maybe move the name around relative to the chip, move pins around outside edge (with limits and therefore be able to place pin on top or change order) and maybe even move the vertex of the shape to resize, make a trapezoid for MUX, or even a V shape for a ALU. obv easier said then done but a editor window might help put pressure off you to make many different options and let them customize themselves. just an idea

That sounds great. Thanks! Don't know when I'll find some time to implement it and how far I'll take it, but it sounds interesting and it's something I'll consider.