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Some minor typos and missed pronounce of MC which already mentioned from other reviews, but they aren't disturbing the overall storytelling. 

I kinda guessed at least three possible real identity of MC's past, four possible purposes of Andromeda Six and how they were incidentally or even voluntary in coup d'etat, and at least two reasons of that Kitalphanite sphere which triggers the mysterious voice. AAARGH I can't wait to sail further through the space, know more about this miscellaneous group, and uncover the memories (how hurtful they are, my human thirst of any knowledge within this unstable universe won't back away :')) )


It's amusing when the usual phrase I would use as neutral response irl somehow becomes flirting option here. Oh well, I'll flirt my way through this journey, then. Also, June is my main man... that makes me want to change name into May or July just for the sake of pun *snort in yeehaw*

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These fixes are already being worked on for Ep 2, hopefully we won't miss these anymore. There are so many choices and nuances on the code that we could miss these minor things eventually (we always incentive players to send us any mistakes they find, so if you want to, please don't hesitate to reach out).

And hehehehehEHE so many secrets we're dying to share :sob: tea starts to get spilled soon, hopefully your ideas and theories get shook with Episode 2 (coming soon, veery soon)!

Edit: Please change it. HAHAHAHAH