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Hey translate this and you get a free copy of Baldi's basics in education and learning 2 beta v1.0.3 ok here and translate: перевести на основы Бальди 2 | ok good luck

translate to the basics of baldi 2

You did great you will get that copy v1.0.3 and more updates soon 

держи версию игры устарела теперь жди 2 недели Для последней версии с использованием более старых версий игры не получится извините :(

keep the game version out of date now wait 2 weeks For the latest version using older versions of the game will not work, sorry

oof I have bad English I am new to English it's what it's supposed to be: "keep hold of the game" "For the latest version wait 2 weeks"

Speak English!


E  K




No Ek V E R

translate to the basics of baldi 2. I translated it yesterday.

You have to reply

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I translated it                           to the basics of baldi 2