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Wow that's a lot of feedback. Thanks for taking the time to write this for me!

I'll see about the magazine rotation, maybe an arrow or something not sure.

Sorry about the SMG ammo bug, I forgot to fix it before uploading. It'll be fixed in the next update I promise!

I tried lowering the gun but the controllers bang together when reloading so I moved it back up a little bit for now. My plan is to move it back down to a more natural spot when I have the game detect left or right handedness, and have the magazine on an angle and to the right of the controller (or left for a left handed person). Sorry for the current (temporary) duct-tape & bubblegum solution!

Overheating is a good idea and I think I'll add it to the infinite ammo weapons to balance them a bit better.

Oh I totally forgot about making the mini map like the pip-boy! I'll probably do that at some point soon but can't promise it will make the next update.

Analog trackpad movement is coming as it's highly requested, probably in 0.0.4 as you say, but part two of the combat update (v0.0.3b) will arrive before that. Sorry, my TODO list is huge! Good progress is being made, though. Yesterday was very productive.

Thanks for all the great suggestions!