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Wow... $20.00 USD for a 30 mb demo... no thanks. That's a bit steep for my liking.


It's not a price for a game actually, it's just to replicate the early access system on patreon ($20 patrons get 2 weeks early access to all the new versions of the games), so I just set the same price here, but as the time goes buy I lower the price, for example when $5 patrons will get access to this game, I set the same price for it here, for those who don't use patreon. And eventually (2 weeks after the release) I set the game free for everybody, so anyone can download it without paying. So to sum up, if the price is too high, you can just wait a little till it drops or till the game becomes completely free :)

The game is completely free now, you can check it out if you wish :)

can you make a android version? 

Sorry it took so long to reply, somehow missed your comment, I'll release an android version in 1-2 weeks :)